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WordPress is one of the largest publishing tools on the Internet and is a popular open source content management system and blog publishing platform. It is written in PHP for use with a MySQL database and can be used to publish frequently updated content online. WordPress can be integrated into an existing website and give it the interactive qualities that are necessary for today's modern websites.

WordPress is highly customizable and I can take advantage of this face to create, design, install and maintain a custom WordPress installation for create a customized WordPress design that will perfectly fit into your existing website. I work with you to understand your business and use that knowledge to create the perfect design to represent your brand. I can customize and install the styles, plugins, widgets and themes that you need to promote your message to the world.

I can design custom WordPress blogs to be optimized for speed and efficiency while increasing your search ranking by taking advantage of Search Engine Optimization techniques. I can create a fast, efficient, attractive custom WordPress blog for your website.

WordPress services include:

  • Professional WordPress Blog Development
  • Customized WordPress Installation
  • Creation of Professional Custom WordPress Themes
  • Custom integration with your existing website design
  • Custom WordPress CMS Development
  • Custom WordPress Theme Design and Modification
  • Development of Custom WordPress Plugins
  • Customization of Third Party Plugins

Adding frequently updated content to your website will increase your search engine traffic and retain your visitors longer leading to increased revenue. This is easily possible with a custom WordPress installation. I have the expert skills required to provide your website with a cutting edge custom WordPress installation.

There are numerous advantages to having a custom WordPress application on your site. Some features of a WordPress installation are:

  • Completely Customizable Widgets
  • A Custom Template System
  • Numerous Visual Themes, including Custom Themes
  • Integrated Link Management
  • Clean Permalink Structure
  • The Ability to Assign Multiple, Categories to Articles
  • Multiple Author Capability
  • Rich plugin architecture for extended functionality
  • Tagging of posts and articles