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Your completed web site will follow modern coding standards and function as well as it looks. I use streamlined CSS code to render clean, efficient web pages. If you desire I can leverage the power of .NET or PHP to render powerful web applications. I am expert in the Drupal Content Management System ( ) for premium functionality and flexibility.



Jetcast are in business to make Internet broadcasting profitable for our broadcasters and advertisers.


4Translation, Inc. delivers language services. 4Translation specialize in technical language translation and desktop publishing services for leading technology and industrial companies.


ReplaceAds™ is the best way for Advertisers to use the Internet to reach large and targeted audiences with their audio, video, and/or display branding message.


Cell Alert is an information tracking and delivery tool that sends alerts to your cell phone or email when anything you want is located for you online (sales lead alerts, apartments, iphones, reputations, crimes, travel alerts, transportation)




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