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PHP Programming

Freelance php Programmer

PHP is one of the most commonly used web development languages. The PHP scripting language is used to create custom dynamic web pages and is flexible enough to be employed on most web servers. PHP's syntax is inspired by C, C++, Java and Perl and is embedded within HTML pages for server side execution. PHP is widely used with the mSQL database.

PHP Nuke

PHP Nuke is a web-based news publishing and content management system that can be used to create community-based portals. PHP Nuke is based on PHP and MySQL and it allows users and editors to post articles and add comments to websites. Having an interactive, interesting website featuring frequently updated content and powered by PHP Nuke will attract and retain more visitors and improve your search ranking. Your interactive PHP Nuke portal will allow your users to generate their own content and turn them into loyal visitors and customers.

Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails is relatively new technology that will give your business an advantage. It is an open source web application framework for the Ruby programming language designed for the development of database-driven applications. The Ruby programming language can be used to create domain-specific languages and to do metaprogramming. Ruby on Rails contains support for MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, SQL Server, DB2 and Oracle databases.


Your completed web site will follow modern coding standards and function as well as it looks. I use streamlined CSS code to render clean, efficient web pages. If you desire I can leverage the power of .NET or PHP to render powerful web applications. I am expert in the Drupal Content Management System ( ) for premium functionality and flexibility.


Web 2.0 Design

Web 2.0 design creates dynamic, easy to use, interactive and multi-faceted web pages. These sser-centered, collaborative, interactive websites draw in more visitors, retain those visitors longer and turn more of those visitors into customers.

A simple, bold, elegant and easy-to-use web page designed by me can encourage users to spend more time on your website and also convert those users into paying customers.

Web 2.0 designs by me can be used for a variety applications, including:

Ajax Programming

Ajax is a group of technologies used to create rich interactive web applications. Ajax can be used to create fast, interactive web pages that meet the web 2.0 needs of modern websites. Ajax is cross-browser compatible and very efficient.

The use of Ajax in Internet applications allows faster, more responsive interactive applications that respond quickly to user input. Fast, efficient applications are the key to keeping visitors on your site. Having custom interactive applications built with Ajax on your website will lead to higher user satisfaction and growth.

Zen Cart

Zen Cart is a versatile ecommerce system. This open source online store management system is PHP-based and uses a MySQL database and HTML components. I can create a custom Zen Cart solution that will handle all of your ecommerce needs. Your website will have a practical, easy-to-use shopping cart that will increase the ease of use for your clients.

Joomla Customization

Joomla CMS is an open source content management system. It is written in PHP and uses the MySQL database system to store information. Website Development & Design has the talented developers and experienced programmers to provide custom Joomla CMS development.

I works closely with clients to identify their specific needs and provide them with custom Joomla CMS implementation. Having a custom Joomla Content Management System created and installed on your website will increase its functionality while keeping content fresh and interesting for users.

Drupal CMS

What is Drupal?

Drupal is a free open source framework and Content Management System (CMS) created with the programming language PHP. It has been utilized in building many different types of websites, ranging from small personal blogs to large corporate and political web portals.