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How to theme views pager drupal 6

Theming a pager for a specific view is possible. For example, if you had a mini pager on a view block called ticker, the theming functions available are:

views_mini_pager__ticker__block_1, views_mini_pager__block_1, views_mini_pager__, views_mini_pager__ticker__block, views_mini_pager__block, views_mini_pager__ticker, views_mini_pager

Then all you need to do is copy the theme_views_mini_pager function into your template.php and change it however you want. For example to only theme the pager on block 1 in my ticker view I would use theme_views_mini_pager__ticker__block_1

If you need to find out all the templates available, put this code on line 85 in within the views/theme/ folder


This will give you an output of all the theming functions the view pager can use.

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