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How to render drupal sub menu

// Helper function used below.
function _menu_subtree_data($item, $tree) {
    foreach ($tree as $cid => $data) {
      if ($item['mlid'] == $data['link']['mlid']) {
        return array($cid => $data);
      if ($data['below']) {
        $return = _menu_subtree_data($item, $data['below'])
        if ($return) {
          return $return;
    return FALSE;
// $mlid is the mlid of the item you wish to have at the root of your menu tree,
// even if you only want its direct children.
$menu_item = menu_link_load(878);
$tree = _menu_subtree_data($menu_item, menu_tree_all_data($menu_item['menu_name']));
// Print out the tree including the parent item
print menu_tree_output($tree);
// Print out the tree, not including the parent item.
$tree = array_shift($tree);
print menu_tree_output($tree['below']);